6 types of sneakers you really need to have in your closet

6 types of sneakers you really need to have in your closet

October 11, 2017 1 Comment

Take a look at your wardrobe.  What’s the first thing that catches your eye when you think of casual dressing? 

Sneakers are known to be the most casual and friendly kind of shoes available out there. Here are six types of sneakers you really need to have in your shoe collection:

 1.  Low top sneakers

The most famous type of sneakers are the low top sneakers. Comfortable, simple, and yet so chic! These work with all kinds of outfits, and are so easy to wear.  They stop just below the ankle and are best worn with secret socks and skinny jeans, or jeans rolled to reveal your naked ankle. These sneakers can also be worn with shorts and, due to their low cut design; they will make you look proportionate and dynamic. Don’t wear high socks with these!  Maz shoes are a great example of these sneakers.

2.  High top sneakers

A pair of athletic shoes that covers your ankles falls in the “high top sneakers” category. Your high top sneakers have two excellent advantages – the first is that you can wear long socks and no-one will see them, the second is that they always look cool. These match especially well with the tight fitting jeans of today, even though they became famous on the basketball court.

3. Slip-ons

The lace-less version of low cut sneakers are slip-ons. Very easy to wear and they look extremely stylish with any casual outfit. Go ahead and experiment them with swanky colour combinations. These smooth top sneakers are making a comeback in metallic and interesting patterns, and are great for easy-wear. In fact, they ooze casual, so like plimsoll sneakers, don’t wear them with high socks.

4.  Athletic Kicks

If you are looking to add that sporty feel to your shoes and still be stylish, these athletic kicks are your thing. Their athletic appearance is what attracts the fitness freaks and looking at the trend, these should be in your shoe rack right now! These sport-centric sneakers are the perfect blend of functionality and style.

5.  Canvas Sneakers

Comfortable and conventional describes the canvas sneaker, a material based low ankle sneaker that was made famous through the years. These look exceptional with any casual clothing specially the denims. In fact, it helped spark the millennial trend of jeans rolled up at the bottom.

With so many kinds of sneakers available, it's a good thing there's no such thing as having enough shoes!

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