#MazBeExtraordinary: Sandino Martin

#MazBeExtraordinary: Sandino Martin

May 25, 2018 1 Comment

Sandino Martin has the makings of a Renaissance man. The 26-year old theater and film actor’s passion for the stage and love for visual arts are all part of his personal mission to create a body of work that's nothing short of catalytic.

The “Ang Larawan” and “Changing Partners” actor (who is also part of the musical “Himala”, a remake of Ishmael Bernal’s classic film) tells us more about his journey so far and reveals the ultimate reason behind his love for films.

How did you discover your passion for acting?
My first love was singing but then I was forced to stop. Back in college, I initially applied for journalism but ended up in theater arts and it all started from there. I really didn’t have a plan – I just ran with it.

So you like writing as well?
Yes, I like giving comments. I like saying what I am thinking. I like observing, people-watching. I’ve been mimicking things since I was a kid. That was my early form of acting  and I’m still able to apply that to my craft.

Sandino wearing the Brasil Brasil Brasil

Do you still write in your spare time?
Not anymore. I’m now more into taking photos. I also like doing mixed media artworks. I like forming and building things out of nothing such as furniture. I like doing all those things kasi madali akong mainip. It's part of my personality. Right now, I’m focusing on three things: furniture-making, artworks and acting.

Who do you look up to? Who are your influences?
My friends and the people I work with. If I am working with someone, especially in theater, I just turn into a fan. Jojit [Lorenzo] is one of my influences.  I met him back when I was in college. I am learning a lot from that guy artistically. I like what he's doing and we exchange a lot of ideas.

Sandino wearing the Red Hot Chilli pictured with "Changing Partners" co-star Jojit Lorenzo

What’s next for you after “Changing Partners”?

I have an upcoming TV project and I am planning to do an exhibit of my artworks very soon. A start-up furniture company wants to get me and that’s something I want to seriously pursue as well.

Have you done any traveling recently?
My most recent trip was a work-related travel to Tawi-Tawi. It was amazing. The food, nature, and culture are so different.

Where are you planning to go next?
I'm planning to go to Siargao. I want to go there before it gets crowded. I like going to unusual destinations and I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Siargao.

What inspires you and keeps you going?
I think about the future a lot and I have this desire of making a difference with my generation. I want to make important works that spark debate, spark conversation, spark ideas. I like doing those things because it will make you immortal somehow. That's why I like movies. I'm a competitive person and I always like to be on top of my game, which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. But it works for me.

Follow Sandino on Instagram at @akosisandino and his visual diary at @sandinomartinphotography.

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