6 Ways to Wear Sneakers!

6 Ways to Wear Sneakers!

October 02, 2017 1 Comment

Wondering how to wear your sneakers with dresses or with jeans?  Or maybe how to mix and match colors?  

Don't fret, we have some advice for you!


We’re seeing it everywhere and on everyone. The sneaker trend has quickly escalated as one of the major fashion trends this year and we are so thankful for it! If there’s one rule you need to know about sneakers, it is: they go with EVERYTHING!  

Whether it is skinny jeans, boyfriend denims or a flirty summery dress, you can pair them with everything and look trendy. And when it comes to men, a pair of sneakers is the go-to style for a fashion statement.  So let us correct those who say sneakers are only for marathoners or gym freaks.  With our warm weather, sneakers keep you both comfortable and chic!  Here's how to style them with everything and make a statement:

1.  Pop a color

A classic pair of sneakers in bright colors like neon, blue, pink or red will work well with a white or black and white dress. The dash of color will take your ensemble to a whole new level. Want to experiment a bit? Go for prints. For most of us, a solid color or maybe just some classic stripes, or a pair of slides with a classic print like leopard, is really all we need. Choose a funky color from Maz Brasil Philippines and they are sure to pep up that day look.


2.  Don’t wear socks, or at least don’t let them show

One rule of thumb of wearing sneakers is to not to wear socks, or not let them show if you wear them at all. No matter if you have teamed it up with a dress, a skirt or a jeans or trousers, never let the socks ‘sneak’. So find some low-rider socks that don’t show if the thought of naked feet in your closed-in shoes makes you itch.

3.  Slip-on and go

Think you can’t wear sneakers to the office? Think again! If you want to ditch the heels and go for a pair of sneakers beneath your formal work dress or trousers, you might think it will be a task.  But actually, the task is easier done than said (yes, the opposite!) Go for the easy slip-on sneakers with dresses that are not exactly casual. Keep it simple and classy. Who knew sneakers could be classy too?!

 4.  Flaunt your ankle

Ladies, when wearing sneakers, make them a statement. Show off your perfect ankles by wearing pants that fall right above your ankle bone. Cuff them, hem them, or cut them. But flaunt what you have with a perfect pair of sneakers. 

 5.  All that glitters

Holographic metallics may look difficult to carry off, but when done right, they take your outfit to a whole different level! Take a leaf from Rihanna’s book and go for the glittery golden of silver sneakers. Don’t worry if there is not even a hint of glitter on your outfit. Like RiRi, you can match it with your accessories. A glittery hat, scarf, neckpiece or bracelet – anything will do. After all, RiRi can do no wrong, right?

6.  Sneaks with jeans

Men and women, take note! We know you own jeans and sneakers. But how do you wear these wardrobe essentials in fresh ways season after season? Go for a solid colour in your pair of sneaks or slides when you are wearing a light coloured-jeans. The retro funky vibe is consistent all the way so go bold and bright when you’re wearing a lighter denim. Distressed denim is another go-to material that looks flawless with sneakers.

You can also opt for black magic. When basics meet a dash of black, magic is bound to happen. Go for the two-stripe trend — they are so easy to pair with just about anything.

Now here are a few style and combinations we suggest for you to start with:

A colourful shift/skater dress and white kicks

  • Go for printed or striped sneakers with a frilly maxi dress. Try to go for high sneakers.
  • Sporty sneakers are not just limited to the gym. Pair them with a leather skirt or a short denim skirt and you’ll get a chic uber cool look.
  • Choose minimalist sneakers like the ones with a hint of golden or silver with a feminine dress.
  • How about pairing comfy sneakers with your chambray dress? Go for whites or blacks with that denim dress.
  • For a daytime look, grab a pair of colourful blue, red or pink sneakers with a spaghetti dress.
  • Men, go for a combination of blue and red or red and grey sneakers to add style to your jeans.
  • Try a loud, colourful pair of sneakers with a vibrant dress.
  • Team up a brown and beige pair of sneakers with a black denim.

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